Looking for resources to help you as a product manager or entrepreneur 


Product South is here to assist you. Our services are geared to support you along your product management journey, whether it's through one-on-one coaching or project consulting.


Coaching can change one’s career trajectory. Product South partners with experts to help you navigate your journey as a Product Manager or Designer.

With 1:1 coaching sessions, our coaches will review your resume, answer questions, and help you develop a career map to navigate your success.

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1:1 coaching from thought leaders in Product Management

45+ min sessions to help you break into and grow in tech 

Meeting industry experts to expand your network in tech


Are you an entrepreneur or part of a team working on a tech product?


We're here to support you with your product needs.

We can join your team to teach you the ropes of product management, whether it's during the strategy or deployment phases.

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