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Product South has curated a 1.5-hour course to teach you the fundamentals of being a successful Product Manager. Learn the stages of product development including:


  • Product Management Framework

  • Tools and Skills

  • Product Management Strategy and Mindset

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PM 101 Course

Product Management 101 will help you elevate your career and understanding of a Product Manager. With 29% growth in 2019, Product Management is becoming the most desirable role in tech. From the $100k+ salary to job satisfaction, there are many reasons why professionals are looking to break into Product Management.


This curated course will help you break through the noise, spend less time researching, and more time understanding what it takes to be a PM. 

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1.5 hr Expert-led Course

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This is for you if you are...

An aspiring Product Manager 

Ready to learn Product Management fundamentals

Looking to build your Product Management network


Product Management 101 is segmented into 6 sections that cover:

  • Section 1: Understanding Product Management 

  • Section 2: Agile Processes and Software Development Lifecycle 

  • Section 3: Framework and Tools

  • Section 4: Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Section 5: Daily Tasks and Expectations

  • Section 6: Product Management Mindset

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With 17 collective years of experience, our course instructors offer exceptional training from leading projects and teams at Uniqlo, Delta Air Lines, Macy’s, Dell EMC2, Coca-Cola, and more.

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Sr. Product Manager

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